eye see you


The eye is the sensory organ responsible for vision, in nature it is understood from all conscious life their capablitiy as a sense in alerting the owner to its surroundings. For my final majour project I want to analyse the significance of the shape and form of the eye in nature, art & graphic design.


To me when looking at this picture my natural gaze is transfixed by the eyes peering into mine. One significant use of the graphic & aesthetic shape and form of the eye is utilized as a defence mechanism in the markings of animals to inform the observer they are in the vision of the animal that wears them. Theese markings are refferd to commonly in the world of biology as eyespots


‘Eyespots are found in a variety of animals, in particular lepidopterans[insects mainly butterfly]. The role of eyespots as antipredator mechanisms has been discussed since the 19th Century, with two main hypotheses invoked to explain their occurrence. The first is that large, centrally located eyespots intimidate predators by resembling the eyes of the predators’ own enemies; the second, though not necessarily conflicting, hypothesis is that small, peripherally located eyespots function as markers to deflect the attacks of predators to non-vital regions of the body. A third possibility is also proposed; that eyespots intimidate predators merely because they are novel or rarely encountered salient features. These hypotheses are reviewed, with special reference given to avian predators, since these are likely to be the principal visually hunting predators of the lepidopterans considered. Also highlighted is the necessity to consider the potential influence of sexual selection on lepidopteran wing patterns, and the genetics and development of eyespot formation.’

This amazes me to see that even if largely unsucsessful the power or the seeing eye is intimidating to all observers. However where I want to venture next is to analyse this object of the eye as a symbol,shape and idea. The symbol of the eye is used globally for many different reasons, for example in Ancient Egypt the Eye of Ra;


‘The Egyptians also saw it as a symbol of royal authority and used it as a symbol of protection both for themselves and the buildings they occupied….Egyptians considered the Eye of Ra as the symbol representing the mother, sister, daughter, and companion of Ra….They would use the Eye of Ra symbols to invoke the protection of the gods.’

Here agian it is being used as almost a signal of alert to the observer that they are being watched, in the Egyptians case this meant protection from a higher power as the symbol represented the eye of a god. It is still used today in a similar fashion by another hugely powerful and sucsessful civilization in America.

Back of the dollar bill

Titled here as the Eye of Providance it is intened to represent the all watching eye of god, maybe it is inteded to ward the used of breaking the laws of the US or Bible as if you are doing so with a dollar god is ‘watching’.


One of the most feared use of a modern survelance camera is facial recognition, probably used currently without the general publics knowledge. It is known to being used in China as I type. Im not 100% sure yet where this line of inquiry will lead me however I am sure the content will be enough so that I can create something elegant beautiful and well designed that communicates and explores the topic in depth.


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